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[e-drug] Banning of medicines in India (7)

E-DRUG: Banning of medicines in India (7)


In India, we have heard many statements from our political leaders which have 
been more for political mileage rather than true concern for the cause.If you 
ask the sources of origin now, they may not even remember having said so ! The 
escapist way for them is attributing the statements to media.

Most of the politicians are seasoned and professional politicians. They survive 
in politics for decades. Only difference is that at sometimes they are in 
ruling side, at other time in opposition. If they show little commitment to the 
issues while in power,they can chase the matters even while sitting on 
opposition benches later.

To answer Pipasha's querry, there is no death penalty for the regulatory 
authorities in India.

Dr Vijay Thawani,MD, 

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