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[e-drug] Artemether/lumefantrine - pack sizes, brand name issue (7)

E-DRUG: Artemether/lumefantrine - pack sizes, brand name issue (7)

The issue of packaging of artemether-lumefantrine should be discussed not only 
within the distributive functions responsibilities but should also encompass 
patient care dynamics. This will certainly fit well within the pharmaceutical 
care concepts to  those who work closely with patients. While bulk packaging 
simplifies the distributive functions in public health institutions, it is also 
important to consider the pharmaceutics and chemical-physical nature of the 
product at hand before strongly positioning the advocacy for single common 
packaging. With the numbers (0 - 50) of patients we service per day one should 
consider the stability of the product in the container, suitability and cost of 
packing used in most public institutions and the quality of dispensing 
Secondly, improved pharmaceutical management also focuses on promoting patient 
care in terms of  responsibilities in the treatment plan, acceptability, 
convenience, home storage facilities, adherence, expected treatment outcomes 
and many other factors. Perhaps this is another research study area for a 
cost-benefit analysis rather than common sense. Once again, as we advocate for 
distributive convenience, we should  prime the convenience at patient care 

Oliver Hazemba
Regional Technical Advisor
Management Sciences for Health
8749 Buluwe Road, Woodlands,

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