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[e-drug] Artemether/lumenfantrine - pack sizes, brand name issue (6)

E-DRUG: Artemether/lumenfantrine - pack sizes, brand name issue (6)

Dear Rob,

Thank you for your communication and I wish to share with you some concerns 
about this antimalarial product. The public sector in Namibia uses 
artemether/lumefantrine fixed dose combination since approximately one year now.

1. Of course, I asked myself why we have another brand product on the public 
market now, where the national medicines' policy has adopted the essential 
medicines' concept, and that includes the exclusive use of generic names for 
pharmaceutical products - for very good reasons as we know.

2. So far, I am not aware of any study looking into the effect of these blister 
packs on patients' compliance. Personally, I thought when I saw these different 
blisters first, that they may increase adherence; but then it is of course 
quite expensive to produce these blister packs. I support your suggestion that 
blisters with six tablets each could as well serve the purpose and with the 
right instructions a patient may take the tablets correctly.

3. The four different blister packs causes apparently confusion among 
pharmaceuticeutical staff too. Only this morning a colleague asked me whether 
the tablets in these four different blisters were of the same or different 
strengths, though we had discussed this issue several times since we received 
this medicines last year.

Regards Fritz Steinhausen

Karl F. Steinhausen
ART Clinic, State Hospital
P.O.Box 93
Keetmanshoop - NAMIBIA

ph: +264-63-22 55 23
mobile: +264-81-22 11 379
e-mail: kfsteinhausen@gmx.net

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