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[e-drug] Low-key recall of Viracept hits world's poor (2)

E-DRUG: Low-key recall of Viracept hits world's poor (2)

Again we are reminded that branded medicines are not necessarily superior 
quality. This happened at a multinational company's production plant in one of 
the most trusted countries in the world: Switzerland. That is unless it has 
been travelling across several countries with one manufacturing step at each 
place before it ended up in Switzerland. Whatever happened, it is time the 
multinationals stop saying they are better than other companies. And we need 
pressure on them to increase transparency. It is just not acceptable that they 
can try to keep a low profile claiming protection of company interests. And to 
make it worse Pfizer is producing Viracept, probably on a licence from Roche, 
and still this problem cannot be solved quickly!

Interesting observation that when we worked for access to ARVs in developing
countries some years ago, one of Bigpharma's concerns was
adherence to treatment. Now this does not seem to be so important
anymore. Profit is overriding, revenue of 35 billion USD last year is
not enough.

Kirsten Myhr
RELIS Drug Info & Pharmacovigilance Centre
OSLO, Norway

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