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[e-drug] Artemether/lumenfantrine - pack sizes, brand name issue (3)

E-DRUG: Artemether/lumenfantrine - pack sizes, brand name issue (3)

I suppose that the 4 different packages do have a different composition?
You're only mentioning the 20/120mg combination, I assume that the other
packs are meant for children with different dosage of drug substance
(active ingredient). Indeed difficult to understand that 4 combinations are
needed! and yes INN (International Non-proprietary Name) names should be
used to avoid confusions. Lets not forget that generic names are equally
confusing than brand names as generic companies do use similar techniques
as originator companies. They register their products under a brand name
and promote them as agressively. eg Triomune: is a generic product but has
a brand name.
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[The moderator got the impression that there were actually 4 pack sizes of the 
same strength]

Jens Van Roey, MD
MSF Geneva

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