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[e-drug] Banning of medicines in India (4)

E-DRUG: Banning of medicines in India (4)

[The Chinese official was hanged a couple of weeks ago. Although he was the top 
official of the regulatory agency, death penalty can never be defended. The 
Chinese trade in substandard, fake and adulterated products has received much 
media attention and a Google search will probably give many hints. I would 
recommend also to look at Ms Xiao Xia Hu's presentation at the HAI conference 
2006, please use these links:
Please remember to repair links. KM]


Dr Pipasha has commended the Chinese Government "for mooting out the death 
penalty to the Chinese Drug Regulator for unethical practices compromising 
patient safety". If it is really implemented, this calls for appreciation. I 
request you to kindly provide the detailed reference of this for activist use. 
I would also like to know if anyone has been served with such capital award 
till now.

>From India some have started taking a stand in recent years, which shows the 
>genuine concern for the issues. Being the facilitator for international PRDUC 
>course at IIHM Jaipur, India, my experience and learning from participants of 
>other developing countries forces me to doubt that in developing countries 
>from where nothing is reported, things are better. Public silence is deceptive 
>and can not be taken as the benchmark for satisfactory performance of medical 
>profession, pharmaceutical companies or local DRAs.

I have never seen any medical representative distributing ADR reporting forms 
in India. Our experience with deceptive medicine promotion is that even MNC/TNC 
pharma companies operating in India, do not respond when we question them for 
unethical practices. Should their silence be taken as acceptance of having 
faltered or being above board and ethical?

Dr Vijay Thawani,MD,

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