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[e-drug] First notification under Para 6 of the TRIPs Public Health Amendment

E-DRUG: First notification under Para 6 of the TRIPs Public Health Amendment

The first notification under Paragraph 6 of the TRIPS and Public Health 
Amendment was received this week and will be made available on the WTO website. 
The notification was made by Rwanda to import 3 ARVs from Canada. Details here:


20 July 2007
Patents and health: WTO receives first notification under �paragraph 6� system

Rwanda on 19 July 2007 became the first country to inform the WTO that it is 
using the 30 August 2003 decision designed to ease the way for countries with 
public health problems to import cheaper generics made under compulsory 
licensing elsewhere when they are unable to manufacture the medicines 
themselves (often referred to as the �paragraph 6 system�, i.e. implementing 
paragraph 6 of the Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health).
The notification comes under paragraph 2(a) of the 30 August 2003 General 
Council decision, which requires eligible importing countries to report the 
details of the medicines they intend to import. 

As a least-developed country, Rwanda does not have to notify that it wants to 
be an �eligible importing member� under paragraph 1(b) of the 2003 decision 
(and 2005 amendment decision).


Tim Wilson
Research Fellow
Institute of Public Affairs

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