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[e-drug] Banning of medicines in India (2)

E-DRUG: Banning of medicines in India (2)


I support the suggestion for a concentrated action on the issue. It is indeed 
sad to find medicines which are banned in other countries, to find pediatric 
preparations of such banned medicines, preparations of doubtful efficacy and 
irrational combinations in Indian market. Further the medicine promotion of 
such products is far from being ethical.

It is surprising why the concerned authorities are not realising the  existence 
of the problem, which is severe, pressing and calling for immediate attention. 
Those who should be concerned as a part of their built in duty, for which they 
are employed and paid or elected and paid,are not performing. What they shoud 
be doing in natural course of functioning, they are not heeding to in spite of 
being told.In the times when patient empowerment,patient rights, medicine 
rights are being discussed, we seem to be living in historical era.

The political will to cleanse the system is lacking. We have had many medical 
doctors in the political leadership, as health ministers and also as 
bureaucrats but all seem to have thrown towels. Either their spines are not 
strong to sustain the mission or they are more busy at other business! 
Dr Vijay Thawani

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Dr Vijay Thawani

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