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[e-drug] Pharmageddon? - call for abstracts

E-DRUG: Pharmageddon? - call for abstracts

Dear E-druggers,
Pharmageddon? Is a hypothesis. 
Pharmageddon? describes "the prospect of a world in which medicines and
medicine produce more ill-health than health, and when medical progress
does more harm than good". 

In line with the Precautionary Principle, we see the need to investigate
and explore that risk and to identify the factors and features that
describe it. Visit http://www.haiweb.org/17072007/Pharmageddon.pdf  to
find out more.
What are the risks of Pharmageddon and what harms might be involved?
Health Action International, Social Audit and friends are in the early
stages of planning a conference on Pharmageddon. We want to develop 
understanding of the threat, and a better model of what it might be.

We are now making this first call for abstracts/summaries of papers/ 
presentations that you might want to give or hear. We invite submissions from 
all quarters that signal the nature of risk - including the lack of it, in 
relation to the benefits felt. See:
We very much hope this will attract a thoughtful, high quality response,
reflecting a wide range of perspectives and ideas: please pass this on.
Best wishes
Teresa Leonardo Alves
European Campaigns Coordinator
Health Action International (HAI) Europe
Jacob van Lennepkade 334T
1053 NJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Mobile:+31 6 246 867 71
Tel: +31 20 489 1864
Fax: +31 20685 5002
Web site: http://www.haiweb.org

Health Action International (HAI) is an independent, global network
working to increase access to essential medicines and improve their
rational use.

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