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[e-drug] Banning of drugs in India

E-DRUG: Banning of drugs in India

Dear friends,
This is a communication that I have received from a medical doctor from Kerala. 
I think he has done a commendable job and seeks your support. If you think so 
then you may write to him directly.
Dear Sir,
I had filed an OP in Kerala High Court. Reliefs asked were:
1. DCGI (Drug Controller Government of India) should publish the list of drugs 
approved by him in India.
2. National Drug Formulary to be published.( Even National Human Rights 
Commission Has recommended this. An Action Plan To Operationalise The Right To 
Health Care. Pay a visit to NHRC website).
3. MCI Regulation 2002 says the physician should prescribe as far as possible 
in generic names and his prescription should be rational. Hence no prescription 
outside the Drug Formulary. Prescription audit to be instituted. 
Court in July 2006 directed the DCGI to take appropriate action. (Chief Justice 
V K Bali & Justice M.Ramachandran 18th July 2006 WP(C).No.9157 of 2005(S)
I had submitted the copy of MIMS (http://www.mims-india.com/) which spoke of a 
whole lot of irrational drugs not approved by DCGI but marketed in India.
DCGI did not act upon the court direction.
I filed an application in May 2007 under RTI (Right to Information) Act to know 
what all steps have been taken. Consequent to this, Drugs Consultative Committe 
held on June 4 has decided to ban 1105 brands across the country. DCGI has 
communicated this directive to all the states. Action yet to be taken.
The Hindu (Trivandrum Edition) has carried this news report on July 2,2007.
I have again filed an application under RTI to know why this directive is not 
being implemented. We should do something. Why don't we all file application 
under RTI in all states? Why can't we file an RTI application to the DCGI on 
the court verdict? Communicate this to all the activists.
Dr.Jacob John
Mob: 98470 77656


Dr Gopal Dabade,
57, Tejaswinagar,
Dharwad 580 002,

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