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[e-drug] Antibiotic Resistance 2007 - conference in West Africa

E-DRUG: Antibiotic Resistance 2007 - conference in West Africa 

(Co-organized by International Society of Chemotherapy; APUA-Gambia)

Announcing Two Conferences in West Africa:

November 21st to 24th, 2007 - Kololi, The Gambia
Meeting Home Page:  http://www.mangosee.com/antibiotics2007

November 26th to 29th, 2007 - Kololi, The Gambia
Meeting Home Page:  http://www.mangosee.com/medchem2007

Dear Colleagues -

Co-organizers the International Society of Chemotherapy (ISC) for Infection and 
Cancer (www.ischemo.org) and Mangosteen (www.mangosee.com) and 
co-sponsors the Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics - APUA-Gambia 
(www.apua.org) are pleased to announce a very special small conference to be 
held in a fascinating, friendly and extremely safe corner of West Africa later 
this year.

A unique personal and professional experience and plenty of year-end 
sunshine await you just a short direct flight from Western Europe or 
East Coast USA:

November 21st to 24th, 2007 
- Kololi, The Gambia
Meeting Home Page:  http://www.mangosee.com/antibiotics2007

Now is the best time to sign up to take up your place at Antibiotic 
Resistance 2007, we welcome both your participation and your contributions to 
the scientific programme.

To visit Online Registration Pages - http://www.mangosee.com/registration

For a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) click 
here - http://www.mangosee.com/faqs

Mangosteen Meetings & Fora:
Working to Bring World Class Scientific Research Conferences to the
World's Developing and Least Developed Nations


It may also interest you to know that immediately following 
Antibiotic Resistance 2007, Mangosteen is organizing a related conference at 
the same venue:

November 26th to 29th, 2007 - Kololi, The Gambia
Meeting Home Page:  http://www.mangosee.com/medchem2007

With further Meetings in a number of associated fields already scheduled for 
2008 and 2009

Science as You know it, at a Meeting with a Difference

"The most unusual and fascinating meeting I ever attended" 
-- the words of Yossef Av-Gay of the University of British Columbia, 
Canada after his participation in Tuberculosis 2006 in April last year.

"Having spent a lifetime practising and preaching parasitology in research labs 
and premier hotel venues in the West, the Mangosteen experience gave me the 
opportunity for a much-needed reality check on world helminthology as it is, 
and brought into focus the enormous educational and social challenges we still 
face in controlling parasitic disease today. Logistics apart, Tendaba [the 
remote venue for Part 2 of the Meeting] in the rural heart of The Gambia proved 
a perfect venue for small group interaction and I would recommend the 
experience without equivocation. Your vision of a 
'meeting with a difference' and your drive and meticulous organisation ensured 
undoubted success and for me a truly unforgettable adventure. Thank you."  --  
David Halton, Professor 
Emeritus of the School of Biological Sciences, Queen's University 
Belfast, UK on Pathogenic Helminths 2007

"I think the format of the Mangosteen Malaria meeting held in Senegal and The 
Gambia in April 2007 is one of the most interesting international congresses I 
have ever experienced. Firstly, the idea of bringing knowledge to developing 
countries is a concept that should be supported by any scientist interested in 
topics that matter in such parts of the world (obviously malaria matters in 
West Africa).  The accommodation, travel and venues are organized with 
inexpensive but comfortable means, allowing a 
discovery of the local reality.  Secondly, the meeting was transversal, with 
academic scientists from different disciplines -- biologists such as myself and 
chemists -- but also with scientists from the pharmaceutical industry and 
medical doctors from western countries concerned with the health of western 
travellers.  Also medical doctors from tropical countries concerned by the 
severity of the endemic disease and managers in charge of running malaria 
programmes designed globally (prophylaxis, therapies, diagnosis) at the 
community level.  This meeting was therefore the perfect place to meet with 
colleagues working on complementary fields, with whom it is possible to build 
research and expertise networks, as well as to 
involve partners from both developed and developing countries.  Thirdly, the 
meeting was a unique opportunity to visit research facilities, hospitals and 
field stations devoted to the fight against malaria in Africa.  It is therefore 
a rich scientific and human experience.  I encourage all of my colleagues to 
come to the next meeting in 2009" -- Eric Mar?hal, D?artement R?onse et 
Dynamique Cellulaire, CEA-Grenoble, France speaking about Malaria 2007

More Testimonials from Past Meetings are Here - www.mangosee.com/testimonials


For Updates -- Please let me know if you would definitely like your 
email address to be included in future updates -- either reply to 
this email and specify your interests or complete the online mailing list 
form at www.mangosee.com.

Other Meetings in This Series: The titles and inks to other upcoming meetings 
that may be of interest to either yourself or your colleagues appear at the end 
of this message.  We also welcome your input and 
suggestions of topics for future meetings.

Word of Mouth is by far the best way to publicize research meetings 
-- if these meetings are of interest to you please help get the word 
out to the community by passing on the details to your colleagues and 
contacts in the relevant fields.

Many thanks ahead for your time.  I welcome all questions you may 
have on any aspect of the meetings; your emails are always welcome.

Anthony F. England, Ph.D.
Founder of Mangosteen

Mangosteen Meetings & Fora
Nachtvlinderplantsoen 36
3544 DZ Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel:  +31 (0)30 21 45 715

Mangosteen - Moving Scientific Information to the Developing World

Antibiotic Resistance 2007 - http://www.mangosee.com/antibiotics2007
Medicinal Chemistry 2007 - http://www.mangosee.com/medchem2007
Kinetoplastid Diseases 2008 - http://www.mangosee.com/kinetoplastids2008
Tuberculosis 2008 - http://www.mangosee.com/tb2008
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