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[e-drug] Climatic Zones of India - IVa or IVb?

E-DRUG: Climatic Zones of India_IVa or IVb_WHO Expert Committee on 
Specifications for Pharmaceutical Preparations

Dear All,
  As per WHO stability Guidelines (40th Report of WHO Expert Committee on 
Specifications for Pharmaceutical Preparations), the climatic Zone IV has been 
divided into 
   Zone IVa: 30°C and 65%RH and
  Zone IVb: 30°C and 75%RH
  As the division of the climatic zone IV into IV(a) and IV (b) is still under 
deliberation by WHO, can anybody suggest us, under which Zone INDIA falls? Is 
there any latest information?
  Looking forward to your kind response urgently (most possibly by 18th July).
  Thanks and best regards,
  Mr. Nilakantha Bhoi
  Consultant,Procurement & Supply Chain Management (Health Sector Goods)
  Room No. 523, Central TB Division, C-Wing, Nirman Bhawan
  Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi-110011
  e-mail: nkbhoi@gmail.com; bhoin@tbcindia.org 

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