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[e-drug] Fixed dose combination ARV for children available (2)

E-DRUG: Fixed dose combination ARV for children available (2)

A fixed dose combination ARV for children is an answer to one of the
biggest challenges I have encountered while providing ART to children
in a rural setting. that is patient compliance. Patient Compliance in
this case being mainly affected by two issues (pill burden on the
patient on the one hand and the caretaker's comprehension of how to
administer the syrup formulations on the other). Interesting to note
also is that some of the caretakers are senior citizens who did not
have any formal education during their time. They are looking after
orphaned children (their grand children) as a result of HIV/AIDS
mortality.  I personally had a scenario where the caretaker would use
one syrup at a time (one ARV drug) until it is used up before starting
on the next. And then there is the dilemma when as the pharmacist, you
stock other brands of the same ARV drug. Explaining to these
caretakers that two syrups that look different are actually the same
is quite challenging. An FDC ARV for children will "short circuit" all
these challenges and ensure that more child patients can benefit from
of ARVs taken according to the prescription.

Uganda has been listed as one of the countries in which
Triviro-LNS-kid has filed for approval. Given the extent to which the
FDC ARV will improve patient adherence to therapy, we do not expect
any delays in this process. Though am not speaking on behalf of the
Regulatory Authority, I know that for medicines that are used to treat
HIV/AIDS and malaria, the process of registration is accelerated as
practically possible. I hope that the other countries have a similar

The other question about the FDC ARV for children is how it will take
care of individual patient needs with respect to weight, age and
possible drug interactions in order to maintain rational drug use?

Kitutu Freddy Eric
Pharmacist in Uganda
+256 712 724912

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