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[e-drug] Medical doctors & belief in brand names (9)

E-DRUG: Medical doctors & belief in brand names (9)

Wong Wai See wrote:
> Question - do medical school teach principles of pharmacokinetics?

I think the curricula vary between countries and over time, and even between 
universities in teh same country during the same period.

When I studied medicine in Munich, Germany, 2 semesters of biochemistry plus 2 
semsters of clinical pharmacology were mandatory, and many of us did extra work 
in pharmacology too.

Now I work in Australia as rural General Parctitioner and I have the 
impression that most of my colleagues did not have the benefit of firm 
biochemical and pharmacological grounding and hence are vulnerable towards 
irrational prescribing habits (but they have been trained better in clinical 
examination skills than I had - guess you can only cram so much into 6 years of 

Dr Horst Herb
Dorrigo Medical Centre
Dorrigo, NSW 2453 AUSTRALIA
horst at dorrigomedical . com

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