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[e-drug] Medical doctors & belief in brand names (6)

E-DRUG:Medical doctors & belief in brand names (6)

The utility or foolishness of brand names in prescribing has been debated  
since the 1950s, at least in the U.S,  Many products have brand names  of 
course, and those names help distinguish one product from another quite  
specifically.  Thus we may set out to buy a television (generic) and  because 
of what we've heard or experienced about a particular firm, we  may give one 
trademark (SONY) the inside track.  Of course our  final choice is likely to 
involved a review of various  where the drug  lobby had pushed through 
legislation, state after state, requiring every Rx for,  say, Pentids be filled 
with the Squibb name.  At the time, it seemed that  the laws were mostly 
anticompetitive in effect, through there were the  occasional reports of grungy 
garage laboratories where those shadowy generics  emerged almost like counter 
band rum brought in by speedboats from  Noriega-land.
prohibiting pharmacists filling a scrip for "Darvon" provide rospoxhemine.  
At the time, For me, reliance on generic terminology by  prescribers requires 
an assumption that every formulation of the needed drug is  interchangeable 
with every other.  That assumption requires a massive leap  of faith in a world 
where the existence of uniform cross-national good  manufacturing practices are 
far from certain.  Add the increased  incidence of flat-out counterfeiting, and 
confidence that every formulation of,  say, amoxicillin, is the equal of all 
others requires a level of faith I'm not  willing to grant. 
James B.  Russo
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