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[e-drug] Medical doctors & belief in brand names (2)

E-DRUG: Medical doctors & belief in brand names (2)

Dear Colleagues and Dr Gopal Dabade,

I would like to point and tell you that it is also usual in Pakistan that 
Medical Doctors ask for specific brands and even does not seems bad when it 
comes to Multinational brands because they have some standard operating 
procedures and cGMP guidelines that they follow to manufacture their 
medicines. But it is evident in Pakistan that most of the physicians ask for 
local brands and brands that pay good facilities for such interventions. 

This process has even led to the irrational use of medicines because many a 
companies offer some big give a ways when a doctor writes many medicines of 
specific company on prescription. Currently no such study has been done to 
evaluate this phenomenon.


Muhammad Shafique
Caritas Pakistan,
Earth-quake Response Programme,
Mansehra, Pakistan.

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