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[e-drug] Medical doctors & belief in brand names

E-DRUG: Medical doctors & belief in brand names

[The issue of quality of generics and people's and doctors' belief that branded 
medicines are better has been extensively debated on E-drug. The belief in 
branded medicines can partly be explained by companies' influence on doctors. 
Try to search the archives at: 
Branded medicines can be both innovator medicines and branded generics. The 
latter is fairly common in Asia and Eastern Europe. One interesting point is 
that it is most often innovator medicines that are counterfeited. Moderator]

Dear friends,
I have come across an interesting observation. Some practising medical doctors 
insist that only a particular brand of company works better on the patient. The 
response with the same drug by other drug companies is not that effective. This 
is just their clinical observation. In fact some doctors swear by the drug of 
that company.
  My observation is in India. Is this situation global? 
  Can somebody explain this phenomenon? 
  Are there any studies done in this regard? 
Dr Gopal Dabade
57, Tejaswinagar,
Dharwad 580002, 

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