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[e-drug] New Invitations for Expression of Interest (EOIs)

E-DRUG: New Invitations for Expression of Interest (EOIs)

Dear friends and colleagues,

The WHO Prequalification Programme would like to draw your attention to the
3 new Invitations for Expression of Interest (EOIs) recently published on
its web site:


- Malaria

- TB

The medicines listed in the current invitations have been identified by the
respective WHO disease programmes and departments as vital to effective
treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. These
medicines are included either in the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines
and/or in the respective WHO treatment guidelines, and thus can be
considered as priority essential medicines. 

As compared with the previous Invitations, the lists have been updated by
adding new therapeutic options, as supported by evidence. The new feature of
the current lists is, that the recommended dosage forms and strengths for
each medicine are described in order to guide manufacturers in product
development and to support interchangebility of  preparations for
sustainable treatment and supply options. The procedure of submitting is
also described in detail in the Invitations.

The aim of publishing these new lists for prequalification is to increase
the range of medicines and sources available in relation to treatment of
HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Therefore, please distribute this
information among potential manufacturers of the selected products, and
encourage them to apply for prequalification of their products. 

With our best regards,


Angela   M. F.   Lopes 
Prequalification Programme 
Quality Assurance and Safety: Medicines

World Health Organization
Avenue Appia 20
1211 Geneva 27
Tel: +41 22 791 13 19
Fax:+41 22 791 47 30
e-mail: lopesa@who.int 


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