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[e-drug] Traceability in Bidding Documents

E-DRUG: Traceability in Bidding Documents

Dear All,
  Sunny Island Gretings.
  Our Procurement Unit has included a condition for Traceability in its 
standard bidding document. We are interested to know about other agencies that 
have included this condition and  how  the condition is formulated..(Can u send 
us that special part please?)
  Please note that we are not speaking about criteria of selection which 
sometimes do not appear on bidding documents.Many agencies do have traceability 
in their criteria but do not put it as a tender condition.We are only 
interested with those who show it on the bidding document.
  Sarita Boolell
  Senior Pharmacist
  Pocurement and Tender Unit,
  10 floor ,Emmanuel Anquetil Building,
  Ministry of Health & Quality of Life ,
  230 201 35 13 / 38 33

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