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[e-drug] Coincidence or Crisis: book on counterfeiting

E-DRUG: Coincidence or Crisis: book on counterfeiting

the Stockholm Network is a pan-European think tank and market-oriented
network. In 2006 it issued a book on counterfeiting of prescription
medicines: Coincidence or Crisis. The book is freely available for
download on this address:


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This is from the presentation by one of the authors, Graham Satchwell,
in Rome 12 December 2006: 
'The business of creating, distributing and selling counterfeit
pharmaceutical products is an unregulated, criminal and growing part of
the global economy. There is one major difference between pharmaceutical
counterfeiting and other underground industries: lives are at stake.

Coincidence or Crisis brings together some of the world's leading
experts to discuss the growth of counterfeit pharmaceuticals. It
provides a comprehensive analysis of the core issues, while delimiting
key strategies to tackle the problem.'

These are the people who contributed to the book: Jonathan Harper,
Julian Morris, Graham Satchwell, Philip Stevens, David Taylor, Michael

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