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[e-drug] Role of Pharmacists in Promoting Maternal Child Health

E-DRUG: Role of Pharmacists in Promoting Maternal Child Health

[The question comes from a commercial actor, but since it is sent via WHO 
Searo, the moderator decided to let the message pass]

Dear Friends, 

We are a group of Maternal & Child Health (MCH) professionals from a wide
range of organizations and perspectives - who are dedicated to improving the
maternal and child health situation in India. In our network, known as the
Solution Exchange for MCH Community in India we are currently discussing an
important issue of mainstreaming the role of pharmacists in the health care
system, specifically in MCH care. 

We are looking for different perspectives and experiences to enrich our
discussion which has a potential to lead into a policy debate in India. In
this context I would request you to share your experience and comments. It
would also be great if we can get some relevant case studies (from India or
international). I have appended the original question from one of our

I would also like to mention that all the responses will be given due credit
in our discussion and subsequent publications. You are also welcome to join
our group and participate. 



Meghendra Banerjee
Resource Person & Moderator - Health Communities 
Solution Exchange

Dear All,

I work for Pharmed Trade News, a registered bilingual newspaper reaching
almost 200,000 pharmacists across India. We are looking for innovative ways
to involve the pharmacists in development issues and build their capacity to
promote better health and nutrition. 

Pharmacists often function as first contact point in semi urban and rural
areas. They can provide information and patient education to decrease
disease burden and prevent diseases in a large population. In continuation
of my query "Role of Pharmacists in Responding to HIV"
blic.pdf) posted recently on Solution Exchange AIDS Community, I wish to
post this query in MCH Community to find out the areas where capacity and
reach of pharmacist can be utilized for improving maternal and child health

I would like to know from members:

* What are the current practices of pharmacists related to maternal
and child healthcare? 

* What experience do we have in involving pharmacists in maternal
and child health programmes?

* What role could we give to pharmacists in maternal and child health 
programmes, and build capacity and functional competency of these
Pharmacists for such roles? 

These inputs will provide a basis for brainstorming in the pharmacy circle,
which we intend to initiate through our publication, for making pharmacists
an integral part of the healthcare system, capable of providing
pharmaceutical care and knowledge-based services to ensure optimal maternal
and child health outcomes.


V. Bhava Narayana
Pharmed Trade News

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