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[e-drug] UK's access to medicines policies - invitation to input

E-DRUG: UK's access to medicines policies - invitation to input

Online consultation influencing UK Policy on Access to Medicines
extended to Friday 29th June

Dear all

You will have previously been invited to contribute to discussions on
the AIDSPortal that will be used as part of a formal consultation
process shaping the development of the UK Government's new 3 year HIV
and AIDS strategy. 

You can have your say on what the UK Government should do to tackle HIV
and AIDS, and contribute on a range of topics. For the last 2 weeks we
have been hosting discussions on both how to integrate sexual and
reproductive health issues within the AIDS response, and also how to
improve access to medicines and sexual health supplies through pricing,
availability and delivery mechanisms. Due to strong interest this has
been extended until Friday 29th June.

Please visit http://www.aidsportal.org/Messages.aspx?ID=46
to see the discussions so far, which include comments including suggestions to 
overcome intellectual property restrictions, problems of non-price and 
in-country barriers, the behaviour of pharmaceutical companies, and many more.

We would very much welcome your input in this discussion, both outlining
issues that need tackled and suggestions as to how the UK Governmnet
should best tackle them. Questions include:

1) how big of a problem is the price of medicines and other commodities
as a barrier to accessing them? 
2) what are the most effective things the UK Government could do at a
country level, and at an international level, to tackle this issue? 
3) Is reducing the prices of medicines and commondities a goal the UK
Gov should be pursuing? Do you think it is central to the drive for
Universal Access, or not? 
4) How the UK Government should work internationally to influence either
a) companies b) the policies of other countries, or c) international
institutions/agreements ? 

Below are details of how to participate. We look forward to hearing your

How to participate

Starting from Monday 11th June you can join the discussions at this link
- http://www.aidsportal.org/Topic.aspx?ID=2  Click on the title of the
discussion you wish to join and then 'post reply' to make your comments.

To access the discussion you must have an AIDSPortal account and be
logged in.

1.      If you are already an AIDSPortal member you can login from
http://www.aidsportal.org/ by entering your username and password in the
box and clicking on 'go'.  Once you are logged in you will see your name
at the top of the screen 
2.      If you are an AIDSPortal member but have forgotten your username
or password, please contact Patricia Kangogyere at
3.      If you are not yet an AIDSPortal member you can join for free by
completing the short form at http://www.aidsportal.org/join.aspx 

If you need help at any stage please contact Patricia Kangogyere on +44
(0) 207 324 4780 or patricia@aidsconsortium.org.uk


Steve Cockburn
Stop AIDS Campaign Coordinator
UK Consortium on AIDS and International Development
The Grayston Centre
28 Charles Square
London N1 6HT

The UK Consortium on AIDS & International Development is a group of more
than 80 UK based organisations working together to understand and
develop effective approaches to the problems created by the HIV epidemic
in developing countries. It enables each agency to bring its own
experience to be shared and used to help all the members improve their
responses to the epidemic, through: information exchange - networking -
advocacy - and campaigning.

Registered Charity 1113204

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