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[e-drug] MSF extended deadline for position as Key Access Pharmacist

E-DRUG: MSF extended deadline for position as Key Access Pharmacist

Dear all

Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) Access Campaign announces an extension of
the deadline to apply for the position of Key Access Pharmacist, until 15th

To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to
Isabelle.Saussereau@geneva.msf.org by July 15th 2007.


Fernando Pascual Marti�nez
MSF Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines


Job Title: Key Access Pharmacist
Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines, Médecins Sans Frontières

Job location: Geneva, Switzerland
Gross salary: CHF 7,643 x 12 months
Start date:  July 2007


The Campaign for Access to Essential medicines is an international MSF
project. It was launched in 1999 after a reflection on the quality of
medical care dispensed by MSF.  General objectives are:

1. To make new life-saving or essential medicines, vaccines and
diagnosis tools affordable and accessible,
2. To secure the production and accessibility of quality essential
medicines, vaccines and diagnosis tools that have either been abandoned, or
for which stock discontinuation is leading to access problems.
3. To stimulate research and development activities of new medicines,
vaccines and diagnosis tools for neglected diseases.

One  of  the  key  roles  of  the  Campaign is linked to drugs of different
diseases,  in  particular,  HIV/AIDS,  MDR  TB  and  malaria but also other
diseases   when  Campaign  support  is  needed.  In  this  sense,  we  have
historically contacted pharmaceutical companies in research for new sources
of  drugs. For this work, the key access pharmacist makes the link with MSF
Medical  working  groups  and  with  the network of pharmacists for quality

Strategy planning
Participate in strategies definition and planning to overcome access
problems, mainly related to price, production, stocks, availability in
countries and appropriateness of formulations, to medicines indicated for
HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB and agreed by MSF medical priorities.

AIDS, TB (MDR) and malaria -medicines focal point and Information
- Manufacturer (generic and proprietary) technical contact person for
campaign issues such as regulatory situation of drugs in countries, prices,
and prospects on formulation research and development,
- Identify potential new sources and responsible of pharmaceutical
dossiers of new sources (preparation of dossiers, and follow-up) on
relevant campaign products to be presented to the MSF Qualification Scheme
for approval,
- Follow-up of availability of pre-qualified HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB and
agreed by MSF medical priorities related medicines by WHO, in coordination
with MSF international pharmaceutical coordinator; information to be
eventually used for lobbying purposes,
- Responsible for update and analysis on prices, gaps, and implementation of 
offers done by pharmaceutical companies (generic and originators),
o Coordinator of related periodical publications such as 'Untangling
the web' and 'Sources and Prices',
o In charge of developing studies on prices and availability of products
o In charge of documenting case-studies to identify new barriers to
accessing drugs
- Regular update of product tables (quality, sources,) to inform MSF
- Preparation of pharmaceutical presentations for HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB
and agreed by MSF medical priorities related international congress and
- Technical support to the campaign, specifically Geneva Communication
Team and other members of the campaign needing support for publications,
presentations, etc related to AIDS medicines.
- Collaboration with Campaign Diagnostic focal point person for specific 

Technical support to MSF sections to implement treatment on projects:
- Information exchange and responsible to answer to queries from
sections, trough or in coordination with, campaign liaisons and
- Provide technical advice for decision making process in field-related
procurement and policy questions, together with campaign pharmaceutical
coordinator and international pharmaceutical coordinator,
- External advice on request (UNAIDS, Governments of developing
countries, NGOs, Research Institutes, Esther, Remed, SOLTHIS, etc.)

Accountable to the campaign pharmaceutical coordinator
Work in close collaboration with:
· Campaign Medical Director
· With campaign communications, and advocacy team,
· With all other MSF pharmacists trough MSF international pharmaceutical 
coordinator and campaign pharmaceutical coordinator.

- Participation in all relevant access issues within MSF framework
- Field visits should be done at least 3 times per year, with or without 
section pharmacists, liaisons and experts.

- As relevant, contacts with partner institutions (WHO 3x5, UNAIDS, Global 
Fund, UNIPAC, etc)

· Degree in Pharmacy with at least 3 years post graduate experience on
developing countries
· Proven experience of working independently under minimal supervision
· Demonstrable experience of working as part of a multi-cultural team
· Fluency in written and oral English
· Ability to travel

· Experience in Pharmaceutical Industry or Drug regulatory Authorities
· Knowledge of Health Economy
· Experience in Advocacy campaigns
· Field experience in at least 2-3 MSF missions or a similar medical NGO

To apply please send your CV and covering letter to
Isabelle.Saussereau@geneva.msf.org by July 15th. Only short listed     
candidates will be contacted.

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