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[e-drug] Conflict of interest when dual positions in academia and industry

E-DRUG: Conflict of interest when dual positions in academia and industry

[This has been extensively debated over the years on E-drug and elsewhere. Of 
course the reply to both of his questions is no. Javier should search e-drug 
archives, but since we have so many well-informed subscribers: if you have a  
database or other info to send Javier, please send it to him directly, not to 
e-drug. Moderator]

Literature on conflict of interest when joining clinical pharmacology units and 
working for pharmaceutical companies

Hello members,

I am asking for help about reviews, official position statements,
ethical discussions, etc. about the following:

* When physicians work as clinical evaluators & recruiters paid
per-enrollement and directly for studies planned, financed and data
recovered by pharmaceutical companies or areas directly dependent of
their money... is it good to permit this people to also be part of
clinical pharmacology units, which monitor good practices, inclusions
of essential drugs listings for a health institution, adverse event
reporting monitoring, etc.?

* When physicians become part of national comittees which decide on
new vaccines for national programmes of immunization... is it good for
this people to receive travel, hotel & conferences expeditures for
international meetings financed by vaccine development companies?  Is
it good to permit this people become part of clinical pharmacology

Thanks for your help,

Javier Santisteban-Ponce, MD
Department of Pediatrics
Cayetano Heredia University
Lima, Peru

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