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[e-drug] Contents of Prescrire International N° 89

E-DRUG: Contents of Prescrire International  N° 89

Prescrire International is the English language edition of the reference French 
journal la revue Prescrire. It contains comparative evaluation of new drug 
interventions, reviews of adverse effects, and papers on drug policy issues. 

Prescrire International is totally funded by subscribers, with no support from 
pharmaceutical industry or government. It is published six times a year and 
health professionals in low income countries can also benefit from the journal 
thanks to Solidarity Subscription Rates. Drug companies are excluded from 
applying to Solidarity Rates. 

Contents of Prescrire International, 

June 2007 Volume 16  N° 89
. Rational choices             

Independent information helps choose among treatment options
. Human papillomavirus vaccine
(cervical cancer prevention)        

High hopes.

. Zonisamide (refractory partial epilepsy)             
No advantage

. Sodium oxybate (cataplexy)        
Fewer attacks of cataplexy in some patients

. Modafinil (sleep apnoea)              
For a minority of patients

. Pregabalin (generalised anxiety)             
Better to use a benzodiazepine

. Atorvastatin + amlodipine
(cardiovascular prevention)     

. Editor's opinion: Fixed-dose combinations
Just a commercial ploy 

. Trastuzumab (adjuvant breast cancer treatment)         
Improved survival but cardiotoxicity is a concern


. Estradiol + drospirenone (hormone replacement 

. Type A botulin toxin 
. Evra° dose change: an air of secrecy 
(contraceptive patch) 

Secrecy surrounds a dosage change

. Early treatment of premature infants with
steroids: neurological sequelae            

. Invasive infections due to Saccharomyces
boulardii (Ultra-levure°)          

. Tamsulosin and cataract surgery: hypotonic iris     

. Bevacizumab: serious neurological disorders 
and nasal perforations       

. Cutaneous adverse effects of inhaled steroids 

. Glitazones and bladder cancer  

. Isotretinoin: stroke and myocardial infarction  

. Evra° contraceptive patch: risk of thromboembolism        

. Renal failure and gadolinium: danger 

. Development of torcetrapib, a lipid-lowering drug, 

. Sibutramine: an Australian analysis of reported 
adverse effects  

. Terbinafine: agranulocytosis             

. Human papillomavirus  
Often harmless but in some cases carcinogenic

. Bacterial conjunctivitis in children             
Antibiotic eye drops only if eyewashing is ineffective


. Rimonabant, obesity and diabetes 

. Methadone replacement therapy 

. Omega-3 and cancer or dementia           

. Post-market studies: broken promises           

About Prescrire
. 2006 Prescrire financial report             

. Packaging of pharmaceuticals              

. The Prescrire Packaging Working Group             

Improving drug packaging: regulators 

. can do better 
. Street medicines in Niamey (Niger)             

Forsteo° compliance programme: 

. just say no      


Prescrire International is financed by subscription fees only. We cannot 
provide free subscriptions. Send us your name and address if you want to 
receive a sample issue.

An annual subscription covers six issues and a five-year index. 

Standard Subscription Rates :
Individuals = 112 Euros ou 148 USD
students      = 56 Euros ou 74 USD
Commercial institutions = 283 Euros ou 374 USD

Solidarity Subscription Rates for countries with purchasing power parity < 12 
500 USD*/ year according the world bank classification: 

Individuals  =  43 Euros ou 57 USD 
Students     =  31 Euros ou 41 USD
Institutions (Health organisations, universities) =  112 Euros ou 148 USD

Commercial companies = 283 Euros ou 374 USD

* To benefit from Solidarity subscription rates, the journal must be sent to 
countries that are not on the following list : EU countries (excepted Bulgaria 
and Romania) and Australia, Argentina, Brunei, Canada, Croatia, Hong Kong, 
Iceland, Israel, Japan, Korea Republic, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, New-Zealand, 
Norway, Oman, Puerto Rico, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, United States of 
America, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, Switzerland. 

Development manager 
83 boulevard Voltaire
75558 PARIS CEDEX 11
Tel :  33 1 49 23 72 65
Fax : 33 1 49 23 76 48
E-mail : International@prescrire.org
Website : www.prescrire.org 

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