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[e-drug] MedIC Course in Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis - Date Change

E-DRUG: MedIC Course in Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis - Date Change
The dates for this course have changed and a limited number of scholarships are 
now available.

   The  WHO  Collaborating  Center in Pharmaceutical Policy, Boston, USA;
   Ateneo  de  Manila  University;  and  the  Philippine Health Insurance
   Corporation, Manila, Philippines announce the
   Medicines and Insurance Coverage (MedIC) Initiative
   Course in Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis
   at  the  Ateneo  Professional  Schools,  Ateneo  de Manila University,
   Rockwell Center, Makati City, Philippines
   September 23 through 29, 2007

   Medicines   coverage  through  health  insurance  programs  can  be  a
   scaleable  and  sustainable  means  to  improve  access  to and use of
   medicines.    Evidence-based   medicines  policy  decision  making  is
   required  to  achieve  maximum  benefits  at affordable costs.  We are
   offering a unique 6-day course in medicines policy analysis.
   The   course  is  primarily  intended  for  policy  makers,  analysts,
   actuaries,  and  others involved in making medicines benefit decisions
   for  health  insurance  programs in Asia.  We especially seek teams of
   3-5  participants  from individual health insurance programs committed
   to  active  policy  assessment  and  implementation  after the course.
   Others  interested  in  pharmaceutical policy issues in health systems
   may  also benefit from the course.  To allow for effective group work,
   the maximum number of participants will be 40.
   Participants  will  enhance  skills  to identify problems in medicines
   access  and  use,  and  to  design,  implement, and evaluate medicines
   benefit policies in health insurance systems.

   This  highly  interactive course will consist of small and large group
   case discussions and small group hands-on analyses of health insurance
   program  data.   During  the  course,  participants  will  focus  on a
   specific  medicines policy issue relevant to their system, and develop
   a  post-course  plan  to design and implement a policy intervention to
   improve key outcomes.  The course language is English.

   Selected Topics
   Participants  and facilitators will address a broad range of questions
   that  arise  when  making  evidence-based  medicines policy decisions,
   · Why  extend  coverage  for  medicines in health insurance programs?
   · Which  groups of enrollees benefit the most from expanded medicines 
   · What  are  the  advantages  and disadvantages of specific medicines 
   · What  is  the best way to design, implement, and manage a formulary?
   · How  can  routine  medicines  data  be  used  to  develop evidence-based 
   · How  can insurance programs evaluate changes in medicines coverage?
   · What  are  the  best  measures  for routine monitoring of medicines 

   Course Facilitators
   The  course will be led by a team of experienced facilitators who have
   worked  for  two  decades  on  improving  use of medicines and who are
   actively   involved  in  evaluating  medicines  coverage  policies  in
   developed  and  developing  countries.  Facilitators will include Drs.
   Anita Wagner and Dennis Ross-Degnan (http://dacp.org/facult) Harvard  
Medical  School  and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care; Drs. Marife
   Yap, John Wong, and Kenneth Hartigan-Go from the Health Unit, Graduate
   School  of Business, Ateneo de Manila University; Dr. Madeleine Valera
   from  the  Philippine  Health Insurance Corporation; Dr. Richard Laing
   from   WHO/Geneva;   and   Dr.   John   Chalker,  Coordinator  of  the
   International Network for the Rational Use of Drugs (INRUD).

   Local Course Director:
   Maria Eufemia Yap, MD, MSc
   Health Unit, Ateneo Graduate School of Business
   Ateneo Professional Schools
   Phone: +61 (0)2 899 7692 local 2209 to 2211
   E-mail: meyap@aps.ateneo.edu or marife_yap@yahoo.com
   International Course Director:
   Anita Wagner, PharmD, MPH, DrPH
   Department of Ambulatory Care and Prevention
   Harvard Medical School & Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
   Phone: +1 617 509 9956
   E-mail: awagner@hms.harvard.edu

   The  tuition  for the course is US $1500.00.  Tuition covers the 6-day
   workshop,  training  materials,  computer  use, lunch and refreshments
   during   the  course,  a  welcome  reception  and  a  welcome  dinner.
   Participants  are  responsible  for  covering  the  costs  of  travel,
   accommodation,  breakfast  and dinner (except for the welcome dinner),
   and incidentals.  A limited number of scholarships are available.

   The  course begins in the afternoon of Sunday, September 23, 2007 with
   registration  and  a  welcome  reception.  Participants from insurance
   programs  will  be  requested  to complete a questionnaire about their
   programs  prior  to  the  course.   The  course ends in the evening of
   Saturday, September 29, 2007.
   Participants need to make their own travel arrangements and book their
   accommodations.  Recommendations for hotels near the course facilities
   with special rates can be obtained when registering for the course.

   Registration and Payment
   Completed  registration  forms  and payments by applicants or sponsors
   need  to  be  received  via mail, fax, or e-mail by Friday, August 31,
   2007.   Space will be limited and participants are encouraged to apply
   For registration form, suggestions for hotels:
   Ms.  Khrisna  Reyes,  Health Unit, Ateneo Graduate School of Business,
   Makati  City,  Philippines;  Phone: +63 (0)2 899 7691 local 2211; Fax:
   +63    (0)2    899   4589;   E-mail:   khrisnareyes@yahoo.com   and
   For   registration   form,   tuition   payment,   information   about   
   Ms.  Joyce  Cheatham,  Department  of  Ambulatory Care and Prevention,
   Harvard   Phone:   +1   617   [8]joyce_cheatham@hphc.org. 
   Anita K. Wagner, PharmD, MPH, DrPH
   Assistant Professor
   Director, MedIC Course in Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis
   Co-Director, Pharmaceutical Policy Research Fellowship
   Drug   Policy   Research   Group   and  WHO  Collaborating  Center  in
   Pharmaceutical   Department of Ambulatory Care and Prevention
   Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
   133 Brookline Avenue, 6th Floor
   Boston, MA 02215
   Phone: +1 617 509 9956
   Fax: +1 617 859 8112
   E-mail: awagner@hms.harvard.edu
   Web site: http://www.dacp.org/dprgmain.html


   1. 3D"http://www.dacp.org/faculty_Wagner.html";
   2. 3D"http://dacp.org/faculty_Ross-Degnan.html";
   3. 3D"mailto:meyap@aps.ateneo.edu";
   4. 3D"mailto:marife_yap@yahoo.com";
   5. 3D"mailto:awagner@hms.harvard.edu";
   6. 3D"mailto:khrisnareyes@yahoo.com";
   7. 3D"mailto:kreyes@aps.ateneo.edu";
   8. 3D"mailto:joyce_cheatham@hphc.org";
   9. 3D"http://www.dacp.org/dprgmain.html";

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