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[e-drug] New book about pharmaceutical industry

E-DRUG: New book about pharmaceutical industry

Dear E-druggers,

After Marcia Angell's controversial book about the misguided promotional 
activities of the (American) pharmaceutical industry (M.Angell: The truth 
about the drug companies - How they deceive us and what to do about it, 
Random House New York 2004) another of her former colleagues in the 
editorial board of the New England Journal of Medicine, Jerome Kassirer, 
has published a similar book (J.P.Kassirer: On the take - How medicine's 
complicity with big business can endanger your health, Oxford UP 2005, USA 
$ 28,00 (or EUR 27,80) ISBN 0-19-517684-7), this time with more emphasis on 
the corruption and misbehaviour among the (US) medical community as result 
of the pressure and promotion by industry. The books are only partially 
overlapping; both contain a lot of revealing and highly disturbing 
information. Everyone should form his/her own opinion.

Best wishes,

Leo Offerhaus

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