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[e-drug] Medical R&D Treaty

E-DRUG: Medical R&D Treaty

Over the past two years a number of persons have been working on the 
development of a new trade framework for medicine -- one that focuses on 
country obligations to support R&D.  This framework is designed as a 
substitute for trade frameworks that focus on measures that raise drug 
prices, like the TRIPS, the EU agreement with Korea, the US/Australian 
FTA, CAFTA,  etc.  A sign-on letter is being circulated asking the WHO 
to evaluate the proposed treaty.  Copies of the sign-on letter and the 
proposed treaty text are on web here:


James Love, Director, CPTech, http://www.cptech.org

Consumer Project on Technology in Washington, DC
PO Box 19367, Washington, DC 20036, USA
Tel.:  1.202.387.8030, fax:

Consumer Project on Technology in Geneva
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Tel: +41 22 791 6727

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