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[e-drug] Patients' knowledge of diabetes (4)

E-DRUG: Patients' knowledge of diabetes (4)

Dear Valentini

We adopted and translated into arabic the Diabetes
Attitude Scale (DAS-3)(see reference below) and
studied Kuwaiti patient's pecreptions about diabetes

The lesson we learnt from our study is the importance
of having a good idea about the literacy level and
comprehension of patients (many elderly kuwaiti
patients are illiterates) and modify the language and
method of conducting survey (from written to oral
interview, when needed) used.

Source: The third version of the Diabetes Attitude
Scale. Diabetes Care. 1998 Sep;21(9):1403-7
The same instrument has been used in South Africa as
to measure doctor's knowledge. 
Oosthuizen H, An educational intervention to improve
the quality of care of diabetic patients. S Afr Med J.
2002 Jun;92(6):459-64.

Klara Tisocki
Faculty of Pharmacy, Kuwait University
Dr Klara Tisocki
B. Pharm., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Phone: + 965 7975493
Fax: +1 775 4169388
Kuwait City

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