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[e-drug] Patients' knowledge of diabetes(2)

E-DRUG: Patients' knowledge of diabetes and drug management (2)

Dear E-druggers,

This is what has just happenned in the last 2 days, in India, on 
the issue mentioned:

Diabetes fact sheet launched at Diamond Apicon 2005

Monday, January 24, 2005 18:00 IST
Our Bureau, Mumbai, PharmaBiz 

The first ever diabetes fact sheet which consists of most comprehensive 
information pack for over thirty million diabetic patients across the 
country was released by Prof. M Paul Anand, the past president of the 
Association of Physicians of India recently during Apicon 2005, the annual 
conference organized by the Association of Physicians of India at Hyderabad.

The fact sheet, to be approved by the Indian College of Physicians (ICP) 
and the Association of Physicians of India (API), will be made available 
through doctors in 8 regional languages and will be web enabled. The fact 
sheet was done due to unrestricted Education grant from Novo Nordisk, the 
largest human insulin and Insulin devices manufacturer and LifeScan, 
division of Johnson and Johnson.

The diabetes fact sheet covers a host of topics ranging from the basics of 
diabetes to the prevention of diabetes to drug therapy to insulin 
administration to managing hypoglycemia to foot complications to 
self-monitoring of blood sugar among other topics. There are special fact 
sheets on Insulin and insulin devices along with self-monitoring of blood 
glucose levels for patients on insulin.

"Diabetes is also the leading cause for cardiac arrests, amputations, 
kidney failure and blindness. The biggest need for a reliable fact sheet is 
very relevant in this context as people need to be educated about the 
disease to be able to manage it better," elaborated Dr Sidharth Shah, 
organising chairman, Diamond Apicon 2005.


'Diabetes Starter Pack' launched in India

Tuesday, January 25, 2005 12:00 IST
Our Bureau, Mumbai, Pharmabiz 

  LifeScan, the Medical division of Johnson & Johnson and Novo Nordisk, the 
world leader in diabetes care have launched the 'Diabetes Starter Pack' at 
the annual conference of the Association of Physicians of India (APICON 
2005) in Mumbai.

A novel concept in India, The 'Starter Pack' contains a blood glucose 
monitoring system 'OneTouch Horizon', a state-of-the-art insulin delivery 
device ' NovoPen 3' and a host of educational inputs as a comprehensive 
solution designed to help people better manage their diabetes with reduced 
fear of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.

This Starter Pack for Better control enables the patient who starts insulin 
for the first time to be able to get a complete package that makes it easy 
to start off on insulin with the help of an easy to use, device 'NovoPen 3' 
and support of blood glucose monitoring by 'OneTouch Horizon' and 
educational materials provided. These all elements will add to the 
confidence of the patient to initiate insulin without the fear of hyper and 
hypoglycemia and improve diabetes care, an official release said here.

According to Sanjeev Shishoo, vice president, International Operations, 
Novo Nordisk, " Early initiation of insulin and regular monitoring is the 
best practice in diabetes management. Expert opinion and clinical evidence 
now emphasise early insulin and day-to-day monitoring to add years and 
improves life of a person with diabetes. Despite these evidences there is a 
fear and myth attached to the treatment of insulin."

As a part of starter pack both the companies are offering substantial 
discount. NovoPen 3 along with OneTouch Horizon along with the host of 
information booklets will only cost Rs 1990 and can be obtained on doctor's 
recommendation from NovoCare Service centres.


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