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[e-drug] Info needed about kafa drug in Angola (2)

E-DRUG: Info needed about kafa drug in Angola (2)

dear E-druggers,

In response to Dr van Ginkels question: 

A search on Google for the words "Kafa" and "mg" leads to a the website 
of German Pharmaceutical company Pharmavista. 


Under their "NEWS" items, it is explained that Kafa. is their new, 
stomach friendly painkiller. No reason to stop the press though as it 
is just another (branded) generic formulation of...  Paracetamol.

Morale 2? Better stick to generic names.

Best regards from an internet cafe in Kiev where huge celebrations are 
currently being prepared for the inauguration of Jushenko.

Ron Wehrens 

Phasuma Consultancy & Training
P.O. Box 36083
1020 MB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel + 31 20 4038889
Cell +31 6 46293590
Fax: + 1 206 3501 182

[Thanks, Ron, for helping Angola out of Kiev! If it is indeed paracetamol, we 
can close this discussion. 
Morale 3: E-drug seems to be an essential tool...
Wilbert Bannenberg, moderator]

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