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[e-drug] Info needed about kafa drug in Angola (3)

E-DRUG: Info needed about kafa drug in Angola (3)

Dear Dr. van Ginkel,

I agree with the comment of the moderator: identifying drugs by e-mail is
difficult; Kafa is also the tradename of a Swiss drug:

Index Nominum: KAFA (Democal AG, CH) = paracetamol
Democal AG: KAFA? neues Schmerzmittelsortiment
KAFA? wirksam und magenvertrdglich
KAFA? Plus Koffein
KAFA? Tabs
KAFA? Flashtabs
KAFA? Suppositorien

Best regards

Bergamo Poison Control Center
Azienda Ospedali Riuniti
L.go Barozzi, 1 - 24128 Bergamo (Italy)
e-mail: clintox@ospedaliriuniti.bergamo.it

[OK, thanks for confirming that KAFA is most likely paracetamol. We can close 
this discussion.

However, this case it might raise a new discussion point: confusing brandnames. 
Why do European Drug Regulatory Authorities accept such confusing names that 
have already existing meaning in medicine history (Ayurveda)? 

Wilbert Bannenberg, moderator]

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