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[e-drug] Rabies Vaccine for SE Asia

E-DRUG: Rabies Vaccine for SE Asia

Dear All 

I am new to this group. It is very nice to see the messages on rabies and 
indigenously developed vaccine in India. [Welcome! Wilbert, moderator]

The stories coming out of Thailand, India, and Sri Lanka are difficult to 
stomach: Dogs, thousands of them left starving and alone after the Indian Ocean 
tsunami, have apparently resorted to surviving off the flesh of animal and 
human corpses, which either washed ashore or were still lying on the ground in 
remote villages and islands. These canines have now, according to published 
reports and eyewitnesses, become more hostile toward people, routinely biting 
survivors, including children

The human fear is understandable, particularly in poor rural areas where 
medical care is virtually nonexistent. Homeless dogs feasting on the remains of 
wild animals can lead to homeless dogs with rabies. If transmitted to humans, 
untreated rabies leads to death.

Unfortunately Rabies vaccine is not included in WHO Expanded Program of 
Immunization.  Rabies is most endemic only in South East Asia. World Health 
Organization should take essential steps to introduce Rabies Vaccine in EPI 
program with the help of UN agencies and other service organization those 
interested to help OR atleast WHO should take some steps to erradicate this 
disease in asia.

Best Regards.

Yours faithfully

Dr.Dharmesh Mehata M.B.B.S
Jaipur, Rajistan, India

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