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[e-drug] availability of nitazoxanide in developing countries?

E-DRUG: availability of nitazoxanide in developing countries?

dear E-druggers,

I'm a journalist researching the anti-diarrhea drug nitazoxanide (sold in the 
U.S. as Alinia). 

Can anyone tell me about this drug's availability in developing countries, in 
particular Egypt, Peru, and Zambia?

(Responses can be emailed to me at soniashah@igc.org.)

Thanks in advance,

Sonia Shah
North Queensland, Australia

Sonia Shah
31 Keesing Road
Douglas, QLD
Australia 4814
+61 (0)7 4728 4707 ph
+61 (0)7 4728 3436 fax

[E-drug gets more and more requests from journalists. If they promise to send 
back the results to the list, E-drug can have one "advert" soliciting material 
for non-commercial use and on topics with relevance to E-drug.

Please send your responses directly to the author at soniashah@igc.org
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