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[e-drug] Counterfeit pharmaceuticals-BBC story

E-DRUG: Counterfeit pharmaceuticals-BBC story

Dear colleagues, 

The BBC is making a film highlighting the problem of counterfeit 
pharmaceuticals. They will be filming in India, Nigeria, Benin and the USA over 
the next few weeks. The production team is eager to speak to health 
professionals who have been directly effected by the problem or who have an 
active interest in the subject. In particular they are looking for health 
professionals who have worked with victims of counterfeit pharmaceuticals or 
who find that it is a regular problem in their area, especially in Benin, 
Nigeria and India. If you know of a victim of fake drugs, the event should have 
occurred within the last three years. Any help on this important subject will 
be much appreciated.

Please contact david.savill@bbc.co.uk 

Thank you 

David Savill 
BBC Current Affairs : This World 
Room 1355 White City. Wood Lane. London 
0208 75 27502 > 07947 258 254 

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