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[e-drug] Drug information Centres in Nigeria? (2)

E-DRUG: Drug information Centres in Nigeria? (2)

> Please may I be advised about the various drug
> information centres in Africa (especially Nigeria)
> or any libraries with good resources.

Below is a list of Drug Information Centres in Africa
which I compiled last year - unfortunately none in
Nigeria. If anyone else knows of any which are missing
or any information which has changed please let me

FOr those with internet access, Graeme Vernon
maintains an international list of DICs on the Society
of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia website:


Douglas Ball
Kuwait University
*National services*

Drug & Toxicology Information Service (DATIS)
Chiedza Maponga; Dexter Tagwireyi
The Director, DaTIS, PO Box A178 Avondale, Harare,
Zimbabwe. Tel/fax: +263 790233;

University of Cape Town: Medicines Information Centre
Annoesjka Swart
Department of Pharmacology, University of Cape Town,
School, Observatory 7925, South Africa
Fax:+ 27 21 448 0503
Ph: + 27 21 406 6781
E-mail: micguest@uctgsh1.uct.ac.za

Tanzania Drug & Toxicology Information Service
(TaDATIS) Mwemezi Ngemera; Winna Shango TADATIS,
Pharmacy Board, PO Box 77150, Dar es-salaam, Tanzania;
Tel: 255 741 237245; fax 2450793; email

National Drug Information Unit, c/o Minisitry of
Health, PO Box 212 Asmara, Eritrea; phone 291 1 12
2429 / 0297; fax 291 1 12 2899; yohannes@eol.com.er

National Drug Information Resource Centre
Philip Anum
NDIRC Office, P.O. Box 10344, Accra-North, Ghana; Tel:
Fax: 233-21-678557; pw_anum@yahoo.com,
www.ghanadruginfo.org, info@ghanadruginfo.org

Drug information centre (due to start 2004)
Winnie Tumwikirize
Department of Pharmacology, Makerere University,
Kampala, Uganda

Amayeza Drug Information Centre
Lee Baker
Tel: (011) 678-2332; 476-7697;

*Specialist services*

Gertrude's Garden Children's Hospital
Mary Ojoo
Pharmacy, Gertrude's Garden Children's Hospital, PO
Box 42325-00100, Nairobi, KENYA; Telephone: + 254 2
3763 477; Facsimile: + 254 2 3763 281;

Natal Bioproducts Institute
Carolyn Rochat
NBI Information Centre, Private Bag X9043, Pinetown
3600, South Africa; Tel: (031) 719 6789; Fax: (031)
708 5614; E-mail: natalnbi@nbi-kzn.org.za  

*Regional/local services*

Maun General Hospital Drug Information
Maun General Hospital, Maun, Pharmacy Department, Maun
General Hospital, P.O. Box 12, Maun, Botswana; Tel: +
267 686 5005; Fax: + 267 686 0819; E-mail:

University of Stellenbosch Dept. of Pharmacology
Poisons and Drug Information Centre Prof. P. van der
Department of Pharmacology, University of Stellenbosch
Medical School, P.O. Box 19063, Tygerberg 7505, Cape
Town; Tel:    021-9389331; Fax:  021-9389122;

University of the Orange Free State, Department of
Pharmacology, Poisons and Drug Information Centre
Prof. A Walubo Department of Pharmacology (G6),
University of the Free State, P.O. Box 339, 
BLOEMFONTEIN 9300, South Africa;
Tel: +27-(0)51-4013134/3090; waluboa@med.uovs.ac.za

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