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[e-drug] drug quantification training material? (2)

E-DRUG: drug quantification training material? (2)

Dear Andy,

You probably know WHO's "Estimating Drug Requirements - a practical manual"
(Action Programme on Essential Drug and Vaccines, WHO, 1988). The manual
contains examples of both quantification methods. Although outdated, the
examples might be useful to you.

It might be interesting for you to know that we have recently developed for
WHO/EDM a software tool for forecasting ARV's. The tool, which is called
FoCaMed, offers a forecasting methodology for ARV's and diagnostic tests for
national AIDS programs, NGO programs and health facilities. The software
tool assists health program managers, procurement officers to: 

-       monthly forecast ARV's and diagnostic tests needed to meet demand 
-       develop a procurement / shipment strategy
-       estimate cost of forecasted quantities

FoCaMed is an easy-to-operate tool; it constitutes a combined use of a
database (MS Access) and spreadsheets (MS Excel). The database is used for
storage of morbidity / consumption data of Health Facilities. It provides
aggregate data (averages, totals, etc), which is used for forecasting at
district /national level

Quantification ARV needs with FoCaMed is very easy. The program is very
flexible in the sense that monthly scaling up of patient numbers is
possible; FoCaMed can cope with monthly adjustments in forecasting variables
(e.g. patient distribution over treatment regimens). 

The next months FoCaMed needs to be tested. In collaboration with WHO/EDM we
are looking for organizations who are interested in testing the package.
Field testing is the last step before the official release of the software
package, which is foreseen in July 2005. The most important purpose of field
testing is to see whether the logic, the business rules and the functions of
the software are correct and applicable under real field conditions. 

With some minor changes FoCaMed can be made suitable for the quantification
of all commodities.

Best regards
Gert Kaasschieter
PO Box 279
6700 AG Wageningen
The Netherlands

t: + 31 (0) 317 471 355
m: + 31 (0) 6 519 489 74 
f: + 31 317 (0) 471 373

[Budi Santoso of WHO/WPRO also suggested to look at the Quantification chapter 
in our yellow bible "Managing Drug Supply", 2nd ed, Kumarian Press, MSH/WHO. WB]

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