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[e-drug] Expensive Rabies Vaccine in India (3)

E-DRUG: Expensive Rabies Vaccine in India (3)

Dear All

In India almost all the rabies cases occur due to the bites of dogs. Now the 
nerve tissue vaccine is being phased out and modern tissue culture vaccines are 
only the alternative ones.

In India, Human Biological Institute (A Division Indian Immunologicals Ltd) is 
manufacturing Purified Vero Cell Rabies Vaccine "Abhayrab".  India is the 
second country in the world to have developed this product indigenously through 
R&D efforts.

As an organization with strong social commitment, Indian Immunologicals Ltd 
developed the novel concept of  Abhayclinics  and is marketing Abhayrab at an 
affordable price. This has helped innumerable patients obtain quality 
vaccination service against rabies at a much lower price. These Abhayclinics 
are manned by qualified physicians and also providing antibody assay (RFFIT), 
free of charge to the patients. This service helps the doctors to understand 
the immunogenicity of the vaccine and the patient about the effectiveness of 
the vaccine  Abhayrab  that is being administered.

The immunogenicity of the tissue culture rabies vaccine is tested by a 
technique called Rapid Fluorescent Focus Inhibition Test (RFFIT), a test that 
is highly sensitive and carried out by only few laboratories in the world. 
RFFIT is a very effective tool for monitoring serum antibodies after 
vaccination, which will help in monitoring the efficacy of the vaccine and also 
immune status of the patient, which in turn will save the lives of several 

Indian Immunologicals ltd also conducted RFFIT workshop to create uniformity in 
rabies diagnosis, surveillance and control based on International standards. 
This workshop on RFFIT was organized from sep 23 to 28, 2002 among Asian Rabies 
Laboratories and Institutions currently performing serological and other 
related rabies research activities. This was made possible through 
collaborations with the rabies unit, CDC, Atlanta



Raghu Tamma
Human Biologicals institute
A Div Of Indian Immunologicals Ltd
E-Mail: trnr_reg@hotmail.com

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