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[e-drug] Sources and rpices of malaria drugs (2)

E-DRUG: Sources and rpices of malaria drugs (2)

Dear e-druggers,

Indeed, the book "Sources and Prices of Selected Products for the Prevention, 
Diagnosis and Treatment of Malaria" is most useful. It intends to be a complete 
type of standard book overviewing whatever is available in the field of 
malaria. Even the most remote company manufacturing some form of chloroquine is 
being mentioned. 

Unfortunately, but well known to those really active in the field, the book is 
forgetting the greatest supplier of artemisinin based anti malaria drugs. It 
concerns the Belgian company Dafra Pharma nv who has a complete set of GMP made 
antimalaria drugs registered and distributed in African (32)  and in some Latin 
American (4) and in some South East Asia (2) countries. They offer drugs in 
monotherapy and also all conceivable forms of Artesunate or artemether based 
combination therapies. It is surprising that this company was forgotten from 
the book. 

Since there will be a French version soon we hope that the responsible author 
will take corrective action.

Sincerely yours

Dr. F.H. Jansen
30 Witte Bremlaan
2360 Oud-Turnhout

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