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[e-drug] Sources and prices of malaria-related products

E-drug: Sources and prices of malaria medicines, diagnostics and other

Dear E-Druggers,

We would like to inform you that the first report of "Sources and Prices of
Selected Products for the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Malaria",
September 2004, was recently released. The report provides market
information on products reviewed for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment
of malaria from 80 manufacturers in 20 countries. It gives purchasers of
malaria-related products a range of choices related to suppliers and
affordability. The medicines included were selected on the basis of WHO
treatment recommendations. The list is not exhaustive but covers the most
commonly used antimalarials, with paediatric forms included wherever

This report follows a similar format as "Sources and Prices of Selected
Medicines and Diagnostics for People Living with HIV/AIDS". It is the first
in a series of annual publications of sources and prices surveys commenced
in 2004 by Roll Back Malaria Partnership Secretariat (RBM), WHO, UNICEF,
Population Services International (PSI), and Management Sciences for Health

The report includes sections on antimalarial medicines, mosquito nets,
diagnostic tests, insecticides, insecticide spraying equipment, and
resistance test kits.

There is a section on registration status of products. This information will
be useful for countries that are in the process of granting market
authorization to malaria-related products.

More detailed information is provided on the artemisinin-based combination
therapy, and on how to place an order for Coartem(R) through WHO and UNICEF.

Sources and prices of malaria-related products can be found on the following
web sites:

RBM Partnership: http://rbm.who.int/mmss
UNICEF: http://www.unicef.org
WHO: http://www.who.int/medicines
PSI: http://www.psi.org 
MSH: www.msh.org 

A French version will be available soon.
Hard copies are available from the above organizations.

On behalf of the collaborating organizations,

Marthe M Everard
Technical Officer
Department of Medicines Policy and Standards (PSM) 
World Health Organization Avenue Appia 20
CH-1211 Geneva 27
Tel : # 41 22 791 3835
Fax: # 41 22 791 4167
E-mail: everardm@who.int
www.who.int/medicines <www.who.int/medicines> 

[well done! Good to have more info on malaria drug prices; WB]

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