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[e-drug] Combining oral hypoglycaemics?

E-DRUG: Combining oral hypoglycaemics?

Dear e-druggers,

Can it be considered appropriate to co-prescribe
chlorpropamide 500mg.daily with glibenclamide
10mg.a.m. and 5mg.p.m. along with metformin 500mg.
thrice daily for a supposedly type 2 diabetes mellitus

I saw such a prescription just yesterday and
considered it rather odd and irrational, given that
both medicines belong to the same sulphonamide group
of oral hypoglycaemics and are prescribed at their
maximum daily dosages.

Is my judgement right or does it need to be
qualified? Please, enligthten me. 

Thank you.

Olutayo Adetokunbo MORONKEJI,
Pharmacist, Wesley Guild Hospital,

[Is there a clinical pharmacologist among e-druggers to comment whether it 
makes sense to combine oral hypoglycaemics, and if so, on what indication and 
dosage? WB]

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