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[e-drug] Expensive Rabies Vaccine In India (2)

E-DRUG: Expensive Rabies Vaccine In India (2)

The rural communities of India are covered by Primary
Health Centres (PHCs). Theoretically PHSc are supposed
to be manned by qualified doctors and should stock all
essential medicines as defined in National Essential
Medicine List (based on WHO list).

Snake bites and dog bites are common problems in rural
India. Both Anti-Rabies Vaccine and Anti-Snake Venom
are supposed to be stocked and supplied free to
patients. In practice, many PHCs are without qualified
doctors and manned by paramedics. Also essential
medicines are perpetually in short supply.

Dr. Chandra M. Gulhati
(Monthly Index of Medical Specialities)
New Delhi 110019. India.
e-mail: indianmims@yahoo.co.in

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