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[e-drug] outdated WHO emergency kit

E-DRUG: outdated WHO emergency kit

Dear E-drug,

In the document received from E-drug on thursday I found:

For the composition of the WHO Emergency Health kit see:

When opening this website you will find WHO emergency kit description dated 
1998 with literature and recommendations going back to the nineties.

When it comes to fever it assumes that it may be malaria. For malaria treatment 
Chloroquine is being recommended. 
This is strange. It has been banned everywhere.

1. Why is this booklet not updated?
2. Why is the kit not adapted to modern therapies.?
3. Why is chloroquine still being recommended?
4. Why do Artesunate based Combination Therapies (ACT's) not receive a place in 
such a kit? 

Best regards,

Dr. F.H. Jansen
30 Witte Bremlaan
2360 Oud-turnhout

[Fair point on chloroquine; ACT is now in most countries the recommended 
therapy for malaria - even though we have a global production shortage.

Maybe WHO should make an update of the emergency kit also an agenda point for 
the WHO Expert Committee on Essential Medicines? Their next meeting is in March 
2005. WB]

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