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[e-drug] Tsunami lecture

e-drug: Tsunami Lecture
[Here's a useful lecture on tsunamis, while we are discussing whether to send 
essential drugs or money. Your moderator learned a lot from it as well. 
Crossposted with thanks from AFRO-NETS. WB] 
Dear Friends,
The Tsunami in Asia was horrendous, and we wanted to do something to help. One 
of the major problems of Tsunami is "ignorance about Tsunami". This ignorance 
can lead to fear, and errors in actions. 
Ali Ardalan from Iran, Eugene Shubnikov from Russia, Faina Linkov, Eric Noji 
and Ron LaPorte, from the USA created with you a Tsunami Scientific lecture as 
we did for earthquakes. This lecture is designed to provide to educators across 
the world the best possible scientific lecture on Tsunamis. We also obtained 
input from meteorologists and seismologists world wide. The lecture can be 
found at: 
If you would like the PowerPoint files, please contact me (ronlaporte@aol.com). 
This is a part of our Supercourse, which is the global sharing of PowerPoint 
lectures on prevention: http://www.pitt.edu/~super1/ 
Thanks so much. We would appreciate any comments. Please distribute this to the 
other members of your department. The lecture can be used from young children 
to graduates. Please also distribute this to your friends. 
Ron LaPorte

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