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Dear e-druggers,
While still in our mind the aftermath of flooding, which sacrificed many lives 
in the Philippines, comes the Tsunami tragedy, which killed thousand of our 
Asian brothers and sisters.

In the Philippines, the issue of meningococcal infection is ON, heating up 
health issues being exaggerated by Philippine media. This worsens the scenario, 
brings fear among the citizens, and big business for the drug industries. The 
Philippines Department of Health is not giving its official statement to 
HALT/STOP the issue; instead the secretary of health mentioned it as an 
outbreak instead of alert as used by the WHO. Citizens in Baguio City (Northen 
Luzon) live in disappointment and uncertainty since the issue is not that bad 
in reality?
Our organization will conduct a series of Forums to educate and raise peoples' 
awareness regarding the issue.
I am soliciting your expertise, websites, and materials regarding 
Meningococcemia to:
1. Understand its background clearly for documentation.
2. Confirm therapeutic effect of Rifampicin and Ciprofloxacin being used as 
prophylaxis (2 days administration).
3. How to handle the situation up to the community level.
4. Procedure of medication and what medicine is advisable.
Thank you in advance for your support.
Rene Manangan, RPH
Council for Health and Development
Quezon City, Philippines

[WHO recommends Cipro only for adults; Rifampicin can be given to all ages.

Contacts: prophylaxis should be considered for patients and close contacts 
(especially children). Ceftriaxone clears carriage, thus patients treated with 
ceftriaxone will generally not require rifampicin prophylaxis.


For more WHO advice see:



WHO Fact Sheet No. 141, Revised, May 2003

Control of Epidemic Meningococcal Disease, WHO Practical Guidelines (Page 66), 
2nd Edition, WHO/EMC/BAC/98.3

Meningococcal disease Link Page

Core information for the development of immunization policy, 2002 update, 
Vaccines and Biologicals, World Health Organization, WHO/V&B/02.28, Original: 

WHO Model Prescribing Information. Drugs used in bacterial infections. World 
Health Organization, 2001. 177 pages (Page 75), ISBN 92 4 140107 9 Sw.fr. 35.- 
/ In developing countries Sw.fr. 24.50. Order No. 1150483. 

Antimicrobial and Support Therapy for Bacterial Meningitis in children; Report 
of the meeting of June 18-20, 1997, held at World Health Organization, Geneva 

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