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[e-drug] Nimesulide follow-up

E-DRUG: Nimesulide follow-up

Dear E-druggers,

A few weeks ago, I was in the office of my overall head of (Pharmacy) 
department who doubles as the institutions procurement officer for 
pharmaceuticals and met a bottle of a locally branded paediatric nimesulide 
suspension on her table apparently dropped by a med rep. 

I first inquired if she had not procured the product (being aware that we were 
already stocking and dispensing the solid dosage form) and she assured me of 
not having done so. I then cautioned her against doing so, since its prolonged 
use in our paediatric patients might expose them to undue risks of developing 
severe/fatal hepatotoxic and other adverse reactions, citing references from 
the recent e-drug communication. She promised to heed my advice.

I was greatly delighted, and hereby wish to thank all contributors to the 
nimesulide issue for making such a valuable intervention possible and 
particularly to the editor for providing a suitable and convenient platform for 
my proper education.

You will better appreciate my joy in the light of the possibility of prolonged 
use in our environment being quite high, given the intensive and largely 
difficult-to  control promotional efforts of pharmaceutical companies  
representatives and the vulnerability of our doctors who enjoy rather unlimited 
clinical freedom to prescribe products of their choice coupled with patients  
propensity to continue purchasing medicines, without further physician 
consultation, from community drug outlets once they have been medically 
introduced to such products and found them effective, not minding any possible 
untoward effect.

My best regards to you all!

Olutayo Adetokunbo Moronkeji, 
OAUTH Wesley Guild Hospital
Ilesa, Nigeria

[Glad to hear that you and E-drug are making a difference! WB]

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