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[e-drug] Asian Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster (2)

E-DRUG: Asian Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster (2)

WHO is explaining drug donation policies at:

WHO supports and recommends donations in kind to crisis-affected populations in 
South Asia. Medicine donations should, however, comply with WHO drug donations 
guidelines. In particular, WHO recommends that in the first few weeks the 
supply of medical donations is as far as possible standardized, and abides with 
the guidelines for packaging and transportation. This is to facilitate their 
distribution and use. All items included/listed in WHO medical kits provide 
guidance to interested donors.

While we greatly appreciate people's interest in making medicine donations, WHO 
is unable to receive small contributions. During the emergency phase, donations 
of standard emergency health kits may be required if requested by affected 
countries. However, within many of the affected countries substantial national 
pharmaceutical industries exist which are likely to be able to meet local needs 
if adequate funds are available. There are many advantages to this approach as 
these products are registered nationally, are labeled according to local 
practices and will be familiar to health workers and patients. There may be a 
need for medical equipment, but again this should be in response to national 

After the acute phase of the emergency is over, a donation in cash for local or 
regional purchase of essential drugs is usually much more welcome than further 
medicine donations in kind. Such a cash contribution is very supportive to the 
activities of the local government or coordinating committee and it will be 
more cost-effective. In addition, prescribers and patients are usually more 
familiar with medicine produced for local market.

For the composition of the WHO Emergency Health kit see:

Kits can be ordered from IDA (www.ida.nl)
24h IDA Hot-line: +31 6 51219522 (Mrs. Ingeborg Jille)

[Thanks to Richard; WB]

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