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[e-drug] E-drug starts her 10th year with 2640 subscribers(4)

e-drug: E-drug starts her 10th year with 2640 subscribers(4)

Unfortunately, I started participating in this forum only midway, or so,
through its existence.( Many thanks to WB!)  How I was able to be
professionally challenged prior to this, I still wonder! Anyway,  better
late than never. Over the last 5 years, I have myself been amazed with how
the  scope of my professional interests has grown, even  if only to remain
superficially informed on many issues. I hope that, like me, all have had
the opportunity and been able to translate this into the improvement of
services in our communities; be it global, regional, national or local.

I join the others to say thanks to our sponsors and moderators; even though
sometimes the latter  have to say "Enough on this topic, lets move on",
but then still accommodate a couple more comments!!

Murtada M. Sesay
Technical Officer (Pharmaceuticals)
UNICEF Supply Division
Tel: +45 3527 3098
Mobile: +45 28 23 28 07
E-mail: msesay@unicef.org
Web: www.unicef.org/supply

[OK, OK, your message passes! ;-] WB]

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