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[e-drug] 34rd edition of Martindale (2)

E-DRUG:  34rd edition of Martindale (2)

As a Pharmacist working in an international NGO, I would like to know
how to access a copy of the new edition of Martindale.

Moses Mwaniki

[moderator's comment: Moses, you're probably one of many! Buying seems to be 
the only option. I could not find a specially reduced price for developing 
countries. Or a system to distribute "2nd hand" Martindales like the BNF system 
through the Commonwealth Pharm Soc. 
Anybody a suggestion for affordable access for developing countries?
Online maybe? WB

info from The Pharmaceutical Journal, Vol 273 No 7320 p542, 9 October 2004:

Discount offer on new 34th edition of Martindale 

A new edition of Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference is now available from 
the Pharmaceutical Press — the publishing arm of the Royal Pharmaceutical 
Society — with its price reduced by about 15 per cent for orders placed 
before 30 October.

The new edition is the 34th in Martindale’s 120-year history. The 
book’s aim is to provide reliable, unbiased and independently evaluated 
information on drugs and medicines used throughout the world — including 
veterinary medicines, herbal substances and investigational drugs, plus other 
compounds used in medicine, pharmaceutical excipients and toxic substances.

The new edition has 2,750 pages — an increase of more than 10 per cent on 
the 33rd edition. Every existing entry has been re-evaluated and more than 400 
new drugs have been added.

Part 1 of the new edition includes 4,418 monographs on drugs and ancillary 
substances — 125 more than in the previous edition. They are arranged in 
51 chapters that bring together monographs on drugs and groups of drugs that 
have similar uses or actions.

Part 2 contains a further 926 monographs on supplementary drugs and other 
substances — an increase of 74 on the 33rd edition. They include 
monographs on drugs not easily classified, on herbals and on drugs no longer 
used clinically but still of interest. There are also monographs on toxic 
substances the effects of which may require drug therapy.

Part 3 contains brief information on proprietary products. The coverage has 
been expanded to 32 countries, and now includes Argentina, Chile, Greece, India 
and Malaysia. The book concludes with a directory of manufacturers, containing 
some 9,500 entries (compared with 7,800 in the previous edition), and an 
exhaustive general index.

The book is priced at £275, but until 30 October it can be ordered for 
£240. Discounts are also available on the electronic forms of the book.

The CD-ROM version for single users is also reduced from £275 to 
£240 but attracts VAT on top of that price.

The combination of book and CD-ROM, priced at £380 plus VAT, is on offer 
at £340 plus VAT.

Information about electronic versions of Martindale for intranets and small 
networks is available from the Pharmaceutical Press website, which also 
explains how to find out about pricing for networks, consortia and group deals 
and about integrating the content of Martindale within other databases.

The Pharmaceutical Press website also allows visitors to see sample Martindale 
pages and a list of the contents, to view a demonstration of the electronic 
version and to access user notes for the current electronic version.

Those wishing to buy individual copies of the new edition should contact 
Pharmaceutical Press customer services (tel 01491 829 272). Bulk discount 
enquiries should be addressed to Paul Podhorski (paul.podhorski@rpsgb.org).

Information about pricing for networks, consortia and group deals, and further 
information regarding the integration of content within pharmacy or clinical 
systems or other databases, can be obtained from Peter Goacher 

Martindale is also available online as part of MedicinesComplete, for which 
free online trials are available. MedicinesComplete is a new online library 
service for health care professionals that houses a range of pharmacy, 
pharmaceutical and health care databases on a common platform with an 
integrated search facility. Subscribers can pick and mix, choosing the 
publication that best suits their needs from a list that includes Martindale, 
the British National Formulary, Stockley’s Drug Interactions, Herbal 
Medicines, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Dietary Supplements and Clarke’s 
Analysis of Drugs and Poisons (see PJ, 3 July, p29, and 

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