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[e-drug] Can we document experiences with PEPFAR please? (7)

E-DRUG:  Can we document experiences with PEPFAR please? (7)

dear E-druggers,

Phillipa has hit the nail on the head.  What is needed is a broad 
brush approach to local empowerment - working at school and 
university levels to inspire an interest in health care, and awareness 
of the need for a wide range of health workers; working with all 
manner of training institutions to facilitate rapid training of the skilled 
work force required, working with policy makers to facilitate the 
introduction of appropriate systems to satisfy HR needs, designing  
systems that are more appropriate developing country 

There must be lessons to be learnt locally that rather than exporting 
methods from developed countries.  Rather than the apparently 
more simple but expensive drug related solutions, get involved in 
research on behavorial, nutritional or environmental solutions. 



Billy Futter
Associate Professor
Faculty of Pharmacy
Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa
email B.Futter@ru.ac.za
phone 046 603 8494
fax  046 636 1205

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